The device, with Android 12, will allow you to listen to music in a higher quality than the cell phone. Price and release date.

forty years ago, Sony revolutionized portable music with a fabulous invention. And although the Japanese firm continued to launch limited editions of its mythical Walkman,it has just presented a version with Android, many new functions and a very particular design.

The new model is called NW-ZX700 bets on the interest of the music lover who perceives the lower quality that accompanies the cell phone and is not resigned to the loss of nuances in favor of comfort.

The company said the new device will offer “evolving sound” and allow listeners to download music to their library or listen to it using Wi-Fi. In addition, it will include music and streaming applications and will be able to connect to a PC.

To justify this NW-ZX700 Walkman in times when everyone carries a music player in their pocket, the company’s strategy is to offer a premium device.

The new portable player stands out for its compatibility with high-resolution audio. This gets it in different formats: DSD a 11.2MHz, DSEE inalámbrico, FLAC 24-bit/96kHz, 360 Reality Audio, aptX HD.

Visually, the player is a little smaller than a mobile, although it is much thicker and the screen does not cover the entire surface.

Inside there are components designed to boost audio,such as an amplifier with capacitors to obtain better bass and several FTCAP3 to achieve a greater sound range.

As for the design, it is covered by an aluminum casing and in front, it advances with a screen 5 inch and achieve output precision signals to improve overall audio. Includes 64 GB of storage.

Sony added other distinctive hardware elements like high-quality film capacitors and low-noise crystal oscillators. He also says that he has used gold solders that improve conductivity.

How is the new Sony Walkman

Unlike phones, which turn to Bluetooth, this device allows you to connect wireless headphones but also has the classic 3.5 mm headphone jack output and a new 4.4 mm jack with balanced sound.

“The evolving algorithm now offers greater benefits for CD-quality (16-bit 44.1/48 kHz) lossless codec audio. Restoring acoustic subtleties and dynamic range provides a richer, fuller listening experience,” the product description reads.

Like some intermediate line mobiles, it mounts a Qualcomm QCS4290 processor, a chip manufactured in 11 nanometers with eight Kryo 260 CPUs and an Adreno 610 GPU.

The fact that it includes Android 12, enables the consumer to install all available music apps: Spotify, Tidal, Amazon Music, Apple Music. You can even add video ones.

Regarding battery life, Sony ensures that the new Walkman will be able to offer up to 25 hours of playback, although of course, these values ​​will depend on the quality of the audio and whether downloaded or streaming files are being listened to through applications.

The Walkman ZX700 will be available from February 23 in Japan. The price will be 104,500 yen, about $760. At the moment, there is no arrival date for other markets.

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