The Croatian national football team will finish the year 2022 as the seventh national team in the world in the rankings of the International Football Federation (FIFA), however, “Vatreni” won the most points of all European teams during the past year.

During the past year, the Croatian national team won 106.86 points, convincingly the most of all European national teams. “Vatreni” opened the year in 15th place in the FIFA rankings, and after winning the world bronze medal, ended the year as the seventh national team in the world.

After Dalić’s team, the most points in Europe were won by the Dutch national team, which last year won 87.19 points, finishing the year in sixth place in the FIFA rankings.

The most points of all the national teams were won by Morocco, 142.42 points, so it is not surprising that between December 2021 and December 2022, Morocco improved by 17th place, jumping to the 11th position in the ranking.

The biggest jump this year was made by the Gambian national team, which moved up to 24th place and is now 126th in the world.

During this year, four national teams reached their highest positions in history in the FIFA rankings – Senegal (18th place in February), Canada (33rd, February), Kosovo (106th, June) and Comoros (126th, June).

Senegal played the most matches this year, as many as 24, while Morocco and Ghana had 21 appearances. The reason for this is participation in the African Cup of Nations, which was held from January 9 to February 6, and in the recent World Championship in Qatar.

The most points in one game, as many as 41.5, were won by Cameroon by winning over Brazil in the group stage of the World Cup in Qatar. No game during this year generated more points for one team. On the other hand, Saudi Arabia scored 39.2 points to win against Argentina at the World Cup.

The first place in the FIFA ranking at the end of the year is held by Brazil with only 2.39 points more than Argentina. Interestingly, if the “Gauchis” had beaten France in the World Cup final within 90 or 120 minutes, and not by penalty kicks, they would have been number one.

Among the first 50 national teams at the end of the year on the FIFA ranking, there are 24 European types, which is two less than in December 2021. Africa has three more teams, a total of 10, followed by CONMEBOL with eight national teams (the same as in 2021). Asia with five (also unchanged), and CONCACAF with three (one less).

In total, 939 national team matches were played this year, which is 183 matches less than last year’s record. That is, however, 586 more than in 2020, when the Covid-19 pandemic seriously disrupted the schedule.

Let us remind you that in the last ranking published by FIFA on December 22, Brazil (1840.77) is at the top, ahead of Argentina (1838.38), France (1823.39), Belgium (1781.19), England (1774.19), the Netherlands (1740.92), Croatia ( 1727.62)….

POINTS EARNED FOR THE 2022 FIFA RANKINGS 142.42 – Morocco 106.86 – CROATIA 87.87 – Argentina 87.83 – Gambia 87.19 – Netherlands 62.75 – Costa Rica 61.95 – Cameroon 61.55 – Japan…

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