The X edition of the enerTIC Awards, presented by the platform this Thursday, honored businesses and managers who are dedicated to energy efficiency and sustainability and who have presented initiatives and solutions to advance an energy and technological transition that “helps to improve society.”

The Secretary of State for Digitization and Artificial Intelligence’s office hosted the event, where 15 projects aimed to improve energy competitiveness through technology were given awards. Additionally, ten managers in total have received awards for their dedication and efforts in promoting these projects during the course of his professional career.

Additionally, awards for the Best Project 2022—for Heineken’s solar thermal energy project—and the Best Director 2022—for Mario Domingo, Director of Infrastructure and Technology at AENA—have been given out with the help of sponsors including MathWorks, Schneider Electric, and Telefónica Empresas. The edition has featured the presentation of more than 100 projects covering a variety of topics, including sustainability and other hot topics like 5G and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The importance of the goals set by Europe, which include the commitment of energy, technology, and industry companies to achieve the objectives set out in the agenda 2030–2050, has been highlighted by this initiative, which has brought together nearly 200 executives from both public and private organizations that cover different sectors.


In this regard, Francisco Verderas, the organization’s founder, has stated his determination to keep putting his “grain of sand” toward advancing the energy and digital transformation. In a similar vein, Carlos de La Cruz, head of CDTI’s Evaluation and Technological Cooperation, has emphasized Spain’s position within Europe, noting that it was among the first nations to pioneer the “themes” of smart communities and cities as well as energy efficiency.

Raquel Moreno, Vice President of the CGCOII and Dean of the COIITF, has called attention to the crucial role that technology and innovation play in politics. As a result, she has said that a nation’s progress must be supported by a “modern and powerful” sector that guarantees an energy system structured in a “constant process of improvement and invention.” She continued, “Awards like these demonstrate once another year that there are amazing ideas.”

Following this line of reasoning, Juan Carlos López, Vice Dean of the Official College of Telecommunications Engineers, has praised the usefulness of public-private partnerships as a means of “really moving forward innovative projects.”

Additionally, he emphasized that the people are the biggest obstacle and that “that is what must be put in the center” along with the fundamental pillars of sustainability, the energy transition, and the digital transformation that the European Union has recommended as the cornerstones of economic recovery. With platforms like enerTIC, especially, “we have some public welfare aspirations,” Lopez added.

To continue making progress in the energy and technological transition, the Platform has been described as a “important ecosystem” in this regard. In fact, enerTIC has recruited 92 additional connected companies in recent years, to which he has expressed his gratitude for their “confidence.” The group has also indicated that one of its upcoming goals is to continue working together to identify new technologies as well as technological and inventive solutions.


Heineken stands out as the Best Project 2022 in the list of initiatives that were recognized. In addition, they received awards from Enviroscale, Repsol, UFD Naturgy, Iberdrola, the Charles III University, Capital Energy, the Deputation of Cadiz, and Nedgia of Group Naturgy for their work on “Smart Solar Communities,” “Automation of Procedures and Licensing,” and “Automation of Procedures and Licensing.”

All of them were honored in categories including “Digital & Disruptive Startups,” “Digital Transformation,” “I+D+i for Sustainability,” “Smart Cities,” “Smart Energy Operations,” “Smart Manufacturing & Maintenance,” “Smart Mobility,” and “Smart Product,” among others.

In terms of managers, the prizes went to Mariano Domingo, director of infrastructure and technology at AENA, Teresa Riesgo, general director of research and technological innovation at the Community of Madrid, Ana Isabel Cremades, José Cabrera, councilor for infrastructure and maintenance at the Las Rozas City Council, Guillermo Barth, director of Regul, and Mariano Domingo, CEO of Solar 360.

The next iteration of the Smart Energy Congress, which will be held on the days of October 4 and 5, 2023, has already been announced in’s activities schedule for that year. Additionally, it has stated that all of the projects that were finalists and those that were given awards in this edition will be included in the XI Smart Energy Reference Guide, which will be published by the platform at the end of the year and features “Good Practices, Solutions, 100 Fundamental Suppliers, and 2023 Trends.”

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