Several dozen people gathered today in Paris, where they demanded the immediate release of the French imprisoned in Iran, and assessed it as a “merciless hostage-taking policy” in that country.

Demonstrators carried a large banner reading “Freedom for hostages in Iran,” while family members held photographs of the detainees.

Those gathered said that seven Frenchmen are officially detained in Iran, where they are being held in “inhumane conditions of detention” such as isolation, hours of interrogation and extortion of confessions for crimes they did not commit.

Several dozen citizens of Western countries are imprisoned in Iran. Their families say they are innocent people being used by Iranian authorities as pressure on the West.

Iran and Western countries are trying in vain to revive the international Iran nuclear deal of 2015.

In addition, the West imposed a series of sanctions on Iranian officials for their repression of protests launched in September following the death in prison of a young Iranian woman, Masha Amini, who was arrested for violating the dress code.

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