India on Wednesday carried out a critical test to validate and show off its ballistic missile defence (BMD) skills to intercept long-range missiles, the defence ministry stated.

India on Wednesday carried out a crucial check to validate and showcase its ballistic missile defence (BMD) skills to intercept long-range missiles, the defence ministry stated.

The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) effectively tested for the first time a long-range interceptor missile, referred to as AD-1, designed for both low exo-atmospheric and endo-atmospheric interception of ballistic missiles and fighter planes, officials acquainted with the matter said.

Defence minister Rajnath Singh defined the missile as a “unique type of interceptor” ready with superior technology to be had best with some international locations.

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India has made sizeable advances in developing endo-atmospheric and exo-atmospheric intercept structures to destroy incoming antagonistic missiles within and outside the atmospheric limits, respectively. The two structures have been integrated for a multi-layered defence in opposition to ballistic missiles, the officials stated.

The phase-II BMD interceptor AD-1 missile with a “big kill altitude bracket” become examined from the APJ Abdul Kalam Island off the Odisha coast. “The flight take a look at was executed with participation of all BMD weapon device factors positioned at different geographical locations,” the ministry said in a declaration.

India is pursuing its BMD programme in two levels – the first section has been completed while the second is underway, the officials stated. The 2d phase is for validating intercept structures in a brand new variety category, they said.

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The AD-1 missile is propelled by a two-level solid motor and geared up with an indigenously-advanced advanced manipulate system, and navigation and guidance set of rules to precisely guide the car to the goal, the ministry said.

During the flight check, all of the sub-structures performed as according to expectancies and had been tested through the records captured by way of a number of range sensors consisting of radar, telemetry and electro-optical tracking stations deployed to seize the flight information.”

The defence minister stated the new missile will similarly strengthen the u . S .’s BMD capability to the following level, whilst DRDO chief Samir V Kamat stated the interceptor will provide colossal operational flexibility to the users to interact one-of-a-kind types of goals.

The included exo and endo-atmospheric structures offer successful-to-kill probability of 99.8 consistent with cent, as formerly reported.

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