The 18 artists that will participate in the Benidorm Fest 2023 have presented this Monday their proposals for the festival, in which you can find styles such as indie, rock, pop, ballad, new flamenco, dance or urban music,

“The Benidorm Fest 2023 aspires to break all the records this year, both for audience and follow-up on the networks”, said María Eizaguirre, director of Communication and Participation at RTVE, at the presentation. The head of the Spanish delegation at Eurovision, Eva Mora, has been convinced that “all of them are going to devastate Spain and Europe. Now is the time to prepare the staging.”

As reported by RTVE, Agoney’s proposal, ‘Quiero arder’, is risky and explosive. Composed by Agoney himself and Blackpanda, it is built on a set of violins that merge into a base of unpredictable and multisensory electronics to seduce the public with this daring and sincere whim.

Likewise, with lyrics by Alfred García and music by Alfred García and Raúl Gómez, ‘Desde que tú estás’ is a pop-rock song that embraces the heaven and hell that people carry inside, the two engines that make the heart beat along with wishes. The one who wants to risk everything without fear of being nothing more than the truth of his successes and his mistakes.

On the other hand, signed by the interpreter herself, Alice Wonder, ‘I would like’ is an indie, alternative and dream pop song that, in the words of its author, “is the inner storm that occurs inside someone who gives up trying to understand the world, simply lives in it. It seems that the message is pessimistic, but really it is positive, it is continuist, it leans towards faith despite the incongruity of life itself”.

‘Flamenco’, by Aritz Arén, is composed by Carlos Marco, Frida Amundsen, Kaci Brown, Sam Gray and Tonino Speciale and puts the most international pop in a shaker with the flavor of Spanish pop arrangements and influences. According to RTVE, due to its particular sound, it becomes a unique piece in which trendy sounds and a current “beat” coexist, with other organic and racial ones such as the Spanish guitar or castanets.

The public Corporation has indicated that Blanca Paloma signs ‘EaEa’ together with Jose Pablo Polo. It is a love story that goes beyond death, and pays homage to the artist’s roots: it extols the legacy of love and knowledge transferred from generation to generation through the nanny.

‘Uff!’, by E’femme is composed by the group itself (Bubu, Sandi, Lottie and Melania) together with Barei and Antonio Escobar, it is a pop song full of strength, so that anyone who listens to it knows how to get its value own and his claw and not let anyone pass over. A theme that calls for the empowerment of women so that they think more about themselves.

‘La Lola’, by Famous, is composed by Adrián Ghiardo, Andrés Sebastián Ramíres and Jorge de la Cruz, and it is an urban pop song that is born from a powerful rhythmic base that invites you to sing a catchy melody with open vocals and powerful. The lyrics narrate the strength that both the woman and the feminine part of each one have, as explained by RTVE.

Míriam Nares Signes (Fusa Nocta) signs ‘My family’ together with Ignacio Moreno González and Carlos Padilla Linares. The theme, which navigates between various musical genres such as trap, flamenco, rap and electronic music, is a journey that shows the many facets of the family, from the most beautiful to the darkest part of it.

‘Winters on Mars’, by José Otero, is composed by Manu Chalud, Gabi Ore, Kenia Saiz, Karen Méndez and José Otero. It is a dramatic power-ballad that speaks of an “impossible love”.

‘Quiero y duelo’, composed by the singer Karmento (Carmen Toledo) herself, is a local expression from an area of ​​La Mancha that serves to express the feeling of wanting something and dealing with the pain and difficulty of achieving it. This song is part of the neofolklore genre.

Sara Jiménez Moral, Roberto La Lueta Ruiz and Israel Dante Ramos (Megara) are the creators of ‘Arcadia’, a fucksia rock song that delves into a mythical world. A secret and idyllic place where any human being would have wanted to live but where there is also room for drama, with dark and dangerous areas.

‘They won’t move us’, by Meler, is a song designed to be played live. A song composed by Jonathan Geraint Burt, Francisco Javier Pagalday González, Natalia Neva Martín, Oliver García Cerón and José Héctor Portilla Rodríguez that radiates energy and leaves no one indifferent.

‘Tracción’, by Rakky Ripper, is signed by Raquel García Cabrerizo (Rakky Ripper), Joan Valls Paniza and Rubén Pérez Pérez and is a song that mixes hardcore, drum&bass and even techno, which talks about unexpressed feelings.

Open up and release. Take a breath and fight for what you want. That is ‘Aire’, the proposal by Sharonne (Cristóbal Garrido), composed together with the interpreter herself, along with Iván Torrent and Alejandro Barroso.

‘Que esclati tot’, composed by Siderland (Uri Plana, Albert Sort, Andreu Manyós) in collaboration with Roger Argemí, shares many of the characteristic elements of the nocturnal pop championed by the group: epic melodies, catchy choruses and music’s own resources electronic dance. On this occasion, he moves away from the tropical sound and the more danceable rhythms, increasing the revolutions of the song and adding power to it.

‘Tuki’, by Sofía Martín, is composed by Sofía Martín herself, Freddy Rochow and Claudio Maselli and is a dynamic combination of Spanish and Latin rhythms, with contemporary European sounds and beats of dance and electronic music. The lyrics of the song show that it is possible to achieve your dreams no matter where you come from, how much money you have, or whether people believe in you or not.

For their part, the sisters Paula and Aitana (Twin Melody) present ‘Sayonara’, a cheerful and optimistic pop song composed together with Jonhatan Gueraint (Meler) and Natalia Neva Martín. A proposal that contains lyrics in 5 languages ​​-Spanish, English, French, Basque and Japanese- and is a song to empowerment and self-love, to leave behind and say goodbye to the things that do not fill or represent and the people who do not value.

Vicco herself (Victoria Riba) is the author of ‘Nochentera’, her proposal for the Benidorm Fest, along with Rubén Pérez Pérez and Joan Valls Paniza. A song that talks about that moment when you like a person and you do whatever it takes to see them, a hymn to happiness full of good vibes and the desire to enjoy life, with very catchy melodies.

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