16/12/2022 Nueva página para recuperar una cuenta en Instagram POLITICA INVESTIGACIÓN Y TECNOLOGÍA META

Instagram has implemented new features to help users regain access to their accounts and is working on additional measures to protect those accounts from potential theft.

A new page, Instagram.com/hacked, will offer assistance to users having trouble accessing their accounts or have been hacked, to find a way to help them through a series of questions about the problem they are facing.

In a complementary way, Instagram has implemented a request that users can send to two of their contacts so that confirm your identity,as collected in a publication on his official blog.

The company is also testing new tools to prevent account theft. One of them is a notification so that the user can verify that a friend request is legitimate, in case Instagram’s automatic systems identify matches with another person’s account.

In the coming months, they will also alert if they detect that an account that has been able to impersonate a business has contacted the user via direct message. Likewise, the blue badge for verified accounts will start appearing in stories, direct messages and later in the ‘feed’, as well as in the profile.

These works complement the proactive removal of accounts with malicious behavior and impersonation of another user, as established by the community guidelines.

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