The new Chief of Defence Staff Gen Anil Chauhan has his venture cut out in creating a consensus most of the 3 offerings on theatre instructions in addition to maintaining the army studies status quo in walking the talk on hardware improvement inside designated time.

Indian Air Force Chief Air Chief Marshal V R Chaudhari on Tuesday stated that his pressure changed into now not against any manner of integration and any method of theatre commands however publicly stated reservations in respect to proposed navy structure. “Each service has a doctrine. The doctrinal components of the IAF ought to now not be compromised in any manner via the new systems,” the Chief stated.

There are two factors to this announcement. First, the IAF has logical reservations about dividing its constrained air belongings amongst numerous proposed army theatre instructions. Even although the so-called IAF’s sanctioned energy of forty two squadrons became in no way permitted through Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS) but simply proposed with the aid of the Chairman, Chiefs of Staff Committee (COSC), the Air Force certainly has a point of division of its belongings.

However, hidden on this logic is the reality that the Air Force virtually is concerned about the discount of its present command structures headed with the aid of no less than seven commander-in-chiefs, who are Air Marshal rank and three star officials with large established order at their disposal, whilst the theatre instructions eventually come into being.

Despite the officer cadre energy of the IAF being same as that of senior provider Indian Navy, it has as many commands as the Indian Army, which is sort of ten instances extra in length. In comparison, the Indian Navy has only three commands in West, East and the South.

The largest fear inside the top echelons of IAF is that they will be left with one Air Defence Command to guy together with the Navy having one maritime theatre command and the Army having  operational instructions in west and the east. The northern command could be a tri-carrier command like Andamans and Nicobar Command and record to the Chief of Defence Staff.

While the Narendra Modi authorities will simplest proceed for the creation of army theatre command after discussing the problem threadbare with those worried, open statements made by way of Air Chiefs within the gift and beyond have made the assignment extra difficult. The Air Force additionally has specific perspectives on armed drones and is in favour of manned opponents, which can be already underneath severe chance from state-of-the-art air defence structures like the Iron Dome and the S-400.

While the IAF chief has talked about a revised and updated force doctrine which he fears can be compromised by using the brand new systems, the question to ask is how an person force doctrine can be exclusive from the country wide warfare doctrine and why might the government be interested by weakening the pressure with the aid of enforcing a exceptional shape.

Fact is that the army theatre instructions most effective feature with an offensive war doctrine like the US Indo-Pacific Command or the Central Command. The national security planners are conscious that numerous warfare situations will ought to be visualized before operationalisation of the theatre commands. It is for this very motive that the authorities is thinking in terms of first organising the cyber, area and missile command before taking the step in the direction of the theatre commands.

Even even though the military theatre commands are being discussed submit-Kargil war, the general public posturing by way of the IAF has delivered inflexibility and military bureaucratic hurdles into the future mission. The military bureaucracy is as powerful as the civilian paperwork as seen from hurdles positioned by way of the army medical established order in acquisition of Israeli anti-tank missile machine in 2018 and the Safran aircraft engines in place of GE-414 engines despite the French employer offering joint development and complete switch of era.

These hurdles have proved high priced as India needed to accumulate the same Spike ATGM are a better fee submit PLA aggression on East Ladakh on May 5,2020 and the predicted delay in AMCA fighter, which changed into deliberate with GE-414 engine. Military reforms and introduction of military-business complex in India is simplest viable if the bureaucracy of the 3 armed offerings and the scientific status quo is held accountable.

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