The corona virus is still in Israel. According to the data of the Ministry of Health, 778 new confirmed cases were located yesterday, out of 4,050 tested. This means that the rate of daily infections is close to 19.2%.

It also appears that the condition of 134 corona patients is defined as severe, among them 37 are on ventilators. The number of deaths in Israel from the outbreak of the epidemic stands at 11,886. However, it is evident that the infection coefficient continues to stand at 1, which indicates that the epidemic is not spreading and remains in a stable state, when in the last week more than 11 thousand confirmed cases were diagnosed in Israel.

In the meantime, Israel’s consul in Shanghai, Eddie Shapira, told in a Facebook post about the isolation in the hospital where he was kept for ten days after falling ill with Corona last week. “The problem is that it caught me in the most wrong place on earth – in China. Here they still treat cases of infection with the same severity as if 3 years have not passed and nothing has been learned and they advocate the complete separation of those who are exposed to patients. The patients themselves are hospitalized in designated hospitals. Nothing has helped and neither have I I found myself in such a hospital for 10 days. Nothing prepares you for the experience – not even being closely involved with the subject for over two years,” he wrote.

“So how was it?! I found myself in a room between 2 corridors, a kind of aquarium, 2 single beds, 2 automatic doors that open by remote control and a small window-like opening to insert a food tray,” continued the Israeli diplomat. “The days pass in anticipation of two extremely negative results, with a difference of 24 hours between the tests. Conditions reminiscent of a prison (just an estimate, I haven’t gotten through it yet), ten of the most delusional days imaginable. Not recommended for those suffering from claustrophobia and in fact for anyone!”

Yesterday, the health authorities reported two more deaths from the corona virus in the provinces of Shandong and Sichuan, but no details were given on the age of the victims and if they had been vaccinated. Also, yesterday there were 4,213 new confirmed cases with symptoms and another 27,611 confirmed cases without symptoms.

Despite the high numbers, and in the shadow of last week’s dramatic demonstrations, several major cities in China, including Shanghai, are beginning to implement a series of relaxations in the draconian restrictions of the Corona virus. Starting today, residents in Shanghai will not have to present a negative test within 48 hours to travel on public transportation or enter outdoor public sites such as parks and tourist attractions.

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