Jesper Fredberg was not even two weeks into being technical director of the Belgian big club Anderlecht before he had to attend a crisis meeting with the club’s fans together with his Danish head coach Brian Riemer.

However, it is not the Danish duo who are dissatisfied, but rather chairman of the board Wouter Vandenhaute.

A bleeding economy and a terrible league position of number 11 has made the club’s fans demand the Belgian’s departure, and that was one of the themes of the crisis meeting.

Jesper Fredberg was subsequently confronted by the press and called the dialogue constructive, just as he praised the fans for good questions and clear passion.

– It hurts me that the fans are not happy, because they are important to us. It is a club with huge traditions and a strong history, and when we are in such a position, I understand that this is not how people want it, he said.Brian Riemer instructs Fabio Silva during a match this past weekend. Riemer was hired by Jesper Fredberg in November even before the technical director officially took office. Photo: VIRGINIE LEFOUR/Ritzau Scanpix

There was also satisfaction to be found in the fans.

– We are satisfied with Fred and Brian’s sporting statement – they spoke well for themselves. But we will continue to demand Wouter Vandenhaute’s resignation as chairman, said Nico Deraedt, who represented Anderlecht’s fans.

Jesper Fredberg slipped into that theme easily and elegantly.

– I didn’t talk about the chairman, because that is outside my salary range. That is something he can answer.

There have been rumors that the head of Anderlecht’s successful academy, Jean Kindermans, is on his way out of the club, but Jesper Fredberg would not say more than that he will be speaking to Kindermans shortly.

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