15/03/2016 FILED – 15 March 2016, Bavaria, Munich: Juventus’ President Andrea Agnelli is pictured at the Allianz Arena during the 2016 UEFA Champions League. Photo: picture alliance / dpa DEPORTES picture alliance / dpa

After the Italian club’s Board of Directors, led by President Andrea Agnelli, resigned on Tuesday for violating UEFA’s financial fair play rules, LaLiga requested that “urgent consequences” be imposed against Juventus in Turin.

LaLiga recalled that it had already brought a formal complaint against Juventus to UEFA in April 2022, alleging violations of the financial “fair play” rules that the Guardia di Finanza in Italy was looking into.

Juventus was specifically accused in the complaint of underestimating personnel expenses and recording transactions “beyond their fair value,” which, as LaLiga emphasizes, is a violation of UEFA’s financial fair play. In addition, Juventus was charged with disguising the exact cost of its players’ salaries.

This Monday, the Juventus Board of Directors acknowledged “extremely significant financial accounting irregularities, which are also designed to deceive the competent UEFA financial fair play authorities” in the same message. According to LaLiga.

In a statement, he added that LaLiga “maintains these charges against Juventus and begs that the competent authorities apply prompt sporting consequences to the club with the purpose of supporting financially sustainable football in Europe.”

In this regard, LaLiga stated that it reported Juventus as well as Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain for financial fair play violations to UEFA in April of this year.

“At the request of the LaLiga clubs, the Spanish league has implemented its “fiscal control” guidelines for almost ten years. Financial stability is necessary to safeguard the football industry. Let’s safeguard the football “Finally, he said.

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