The President of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, has fired this Wednesday another thirteen members of the Armed Forces who worked in the Institutional Security Cabinet (GSI), one of the most questioned offices after the coup attacks on January 8, so there are already 53 dismissed soldiers.

On Tuesday, President Lula once again revealed the mistrust he feels with a part of the Armed Forces by dismissing forty soldiers who were working as security at the Alvorada Palace, the official residence, after he assured the media that he was convinced of the “complicity” of a part of the security forces during the assault.

A few days after the violent events that occurred on the Esplanade of the Ministries, Lula assured that the doors of the Planalto Palace were opened from the inside and announced that “nobody suspected of being a Bolsonarist” would remain undisturbed.

On this occasion, five of the thirteen dismissed soldiers performed functions in the Representation Desk in Rio de Janeiro, while another seven did so within the Secretariat of Security and Presidential Coordination, and one more in the Administrative Division of the GSI.

Despite the distrust shown in recent days by a large part of Lula’s government and the Workers’ Party (PT), the head of Casa Civil, Rui Costa, has denied that the latest dismissals are related to these misgivings, since more well they are part of a mere “rotation”.

“It has nothing to do with distrust. Even in the military areas we have changed soldiers, so it is natural that in the other advisors there is a rotation between people. In military positions there will be changes to give opportunity to other people who have the technical capacity to exercise those positions”, said Costa.

“It’s nothing new, it doesn’t have any mystery. Or was it that someone thought that by training the new government they were going to keep the advisers of the previous one? It is not reasonable for that to be the case,” he argued before the press, reports ‘O Balloon’.

Costa, one of the men closest to President Lula, has personally addressed the Ministry of Defense to meet with its head, an also questioned José Múcio, and the three heads of the Armed Forces, to approximate positions after the coup acts of Ten days ago.

The Lula government’s proposal is to invest in the Armed Forces through both public and private companies to achieve a “modernization” equal to that of the rest of the world’s nations. An initiative, explained Costa, already present in the campaign.

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