Maria Zakharova, spokesperson of the Russian Foreign Ministry, said today that Moscow is working to open the road to Lachin.

“We continue to work in accordance with the tripartite statement of the leaders of Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan on November 9, 2020 to completely unblock the Lachin Corridor. At the level of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the command of the Russian peacekeeping force, consistent steps are being taken in the direction of de-escalation,” Zakharova stated.

According to him, convoys carrying humanitarian aid are currently passing through Lachin road.

Zakhavora emphasized that “Moscow considers unacceptable public attacks and provocations against Russian peacekeepers stationed in the region.”

According to the spokesperson of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Moscow is worried about the recent negative trends in the relations between Baku and Yerevan and the increase in tension in the region.

“We call on the Azerbaijani and Armenian sides to show good will and seek compromises with joint efforts. We will contribute to it in every possible way,” said the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

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