The visually impaired athlete Veronika Aigner drove down the notorious Streif with guide and sister Elisabeth before the Hahnenkamm weekend.

In addition to numerous events and media appointments during the Hahnenkamm week, a campaign by the Aigner sisters attracted particular attention to disabled sports. The Paraski duo – as the two themselves commented on Instagram – “made the day an adventure”. In the run-up to the legendary Hahnenkamm races, you conquered the Streif – and thus “pushed the limits of what is possible”.

A dream became reality for guide Elisabeth: “When we looked down in the start house, we were a little nervous,” she admitted. “The start is so steep – it’s really unbelievable. Thank God the piste was not yet heavily iced and prepared for the World Cup downhill run, so the initial nervousness disappeared after a few seconds of skiing.”

However, the two didn’t ski down the entire Streif – for a good reason: The World Championships in Espot, Spain, where the Aigner family is again competing for medals, are ahead of them. “We only drove two sections of the route. We actually wanted to drive more, but we held back a bit because of the world championship.”

World Cup favourites

The siblings will be on their way to Spain for the Paraski World Championships on Sunday. The goals are ambitious: “We definitely want to get on the podium, we would like to win. I think we have a very good chance, but the competition is not sleeping. If we can show our performance, we’ll definitely be among the front runners!”

The visually impaired women are medal contenders, especially in the technical disciplines – above all Veronika Aigner, who confidently leads the overall World Cup in her class. Sister Barbara and Elina Stary are also among the best in the world and have the chance to win medals.

Brother Johannes is also among the favorites at the World Cup. As an all-rounder, he has a good hand with the visually impaired men: “If he can make the most of what he has, then he can compete for medals in all disciplines,” said Sascha Kavelar, head alpine coach recently.

would like more

In Kitzbühel, Veronika and Elisabeth would have been itching to ski more of the track: “After the first descent, we wanted to go up again to experience this adventure a second time.” They don’t want to rule it out: “Next year we won’t have any major events – that’s why we would be happy if we could do it again – then with longer sections of the route,” says Elisabeth Aigner. “We would have the confidence to do the whole route – even if not at race pace”, says Veronica Aigner.

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