Fourteen people from Serbia were arrested as part of the international action against organized crime, because they falsely represented that they were trading cryptocurrencies and damaged a large number of people from four countries for an amount exceeding two million euros, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Serbia announced today.

It is suspected that with the help of online platforms and cryptocurrency investments through three companies from Belgrade, they caused damage to the citizens of Germany, Canada, Switzerland and Australia, in excess of two million euros.

NT (43), GR (50), PB (40), MP (31), A.Š. were arrested on the territory of Serbia. (28), MD (26), IM (26), KV (30), AD (32), SM (31), UB (28), as well as MC (36), DF (30) and DJ (52) .

It is suspected that the arrested persons falsely represented to the victims on those platforms that they were trading in cryptocurrencies and that they used modern technologies for this purpose, such as the “Voice spin” program.

In this way, they are suspected to have made it possible to falsely present data on fictitious platforms in order to mislead users into believing that it was a legal trade, even though there was no trade.

Victims invested cryptocurrencies on the platforms, while those arrested are suspected of transacting with those cryptocurrencies to hide the source of the fraud.

Three “crypto wallets”, two apartments, three cars, IT equipment, 42,150 euros and 95,000 dinars were temporarily confiscated from the suspects.

They have been detained for up to 48 hours and will be brought to the competent prosecutor’s office with a criminal complaint.

In addition to citizens of Serbia, perpetrators in Bulgaria, Estonia and Cyprus were also identified.

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