European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen presented a new battery of sanctions against Russia on Wednesday. For example, she proposes to add the Russian armed forces and three banks to the European sanctions list.

According to von der Leyen, this ninth package of sanctions against Russia because of the invasion of Ukraine will further increase the pressure on Moscow. For example, she wants to expand the sanctions list with another 200 individuals and entities, from the Russian armed forces to individual officers to ministers and members of parliament.

To further cripple Putin’s cash machine, the Commission also wants to impose sanctions against three more Russian banks. She is aiming, among other things, for a complete ban on transactions for the Russian Regional Development Bank.)

The Commission also wants to restrict Russian access to drones. She proposes to ban the direct export of engines for drones. Not only to Russia, but also to third countries such as Iran, which could provide the Russian army with drones.

Russian propaganda machine

In addition, the ninth package contains further export restrictions on goods that “could be used by the Russian war machine”, such as chemical products and IT components. New measures against the Russian energy sector are also in the pipeline, including a ban on investments in mines in Russia.

Finally, the Commission also wants additional measures against “the Russian propaganda machine”. She suggests taking another four channels off the air. Member States must approve the sanctions unanimously.

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