Plans to build a hydrogen pipeline in the Baltic Sea region are progressing. Finnish gas network company Gasgrid Finland has signed two separate contracts this week for the development of new hydrogen infrastructure.

There are now plans for two new hydrogen pipelines that would connect Finland and Germany.

Gasgrid is participating in the study of the construction of an undersea hydrogen pipeline from mainland Finland and Sweden to Åland and from there via the southern Baltic Sea to Germany until 2030. The Swedish gas transmission system operator is also participating in the study Nordion Energy and industrial companies OX2 and Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners.

In the report, Gasgrid focuses especially on the possibilities of utilizing wind power in Finland’s maritime areas for the production of clean and sustainable hydrogen.

In the second project, there are plans for a hydrogen pipeline that would run from Finland through Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland to Germany. In the first phase of the project, a preliminary study will be prepared during 2023, after which the pipeline can proceed through the design and permit phases to construction. The gas network operators of the countries through which the pipeline passes are involved in the project.

In this report, Gasgrid’s share is particularly related to the development of the hydrogen network covering the whole of Southern Finland.

Earlier this year, Gasgrid started a project with the Swedish company Nordion Energi to develop a hydrogen pipeline connecting Finland and Sweden to the Pärmere region. With the new projects, up to 5,000 kilometers of hydrogen network are now planned for the Baltic Sea by 2030.

The idea of ​​the projects is to use the onshore and offshore wind power of the Baltic Sea region for the production of green hydrogen and to transport and store the hydrogen with the help of new pipes. According to Gasgrid, these projects could cover up to 90 percent of the EU’s internal hydrogen production targets. Several green hydrogen production plants are also pending in Finland.

According to Gasgrid, the hydrogen pipeline projects are now progressing to the pre-examination stages, where EU financing options are also being explored.

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