In the Spanish city of Barcelona, ​​the two newest towers of the Sagrada Familia, which were completed this year, were illuminated for the first time on Friday evening. This brings the world-famous basilica by architect Antoni Gaudí one step closer to completion after 140 years.

The lights of the two towers were lit after the traditional Christmas concert in the basilica. The lamps will be lit every night through January 8 as part of the Christmas festivities.

The two newest towers are 135 meters high. On top are the statues of a bull and a lion, symbolizing the evangelists Luke and Mark.

With these towers, three of the six central towers of the Sagrada Familia have been realized. Those are the towers the building committee is currently focusing on.

172.5 meters high

The tower in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary, with a star on top, was completed a year ago. The towers for the evangelists Matthew and John must then be completed in 2023. On those peaks come an angel and an eagle. Construction of the Jesus Christ Tower is expected to be completed in 2026. It will be 172.5 meters high and will make the Sagrada Familia the tallest building in Barcelona.

The first stone of the Sagrada Familia was laid in 1882. Architect Gaudí only became involved a year later and worked on the church until he died over forty years later. The project is still not completed for various reasons. Construction has been delayed due to financial problems and vandalism during the Spanish Civil War, among other things.

It is not clear when the monumental structure, which already attracts millions of visitors every year, will be finished. A completion date of 2026, exactly one hundred years after Gaudí’s death, has long been aimed for, but that goal is no longer achievable due to the corona pandemic.

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