A feature called “Follow to the Creator” is being extended in the Microsoft Edge browser, allowing users to add news websites to the list of content creators and follow that content straight from the browser—a feature that was previously only available on platforms like YouTube and Pinterest.

The “Follow Creator” function is a setting that may be used to generate a list through which you can follow all the topics and articles that the user deems significant on a website. It appears as a button in the search bar of the browser.

Up until recently, just a few services—including YouTube and Pinterest—made it possible. In this instance, if a user selects the “Follow the creator” button while viewing a channel or watching a video, he is immediately included to this list. So that you can view the most recent content from the creators who have been added to the browser’s “feed”

Microsoft mimics the dynamic, but with news websites. You can follow news sources with this feature enabled, and the browser will display all the contents. Only when you are on the website you wish to follow must you click the button. You can, however, choose to cease following any creator or medium at any moment.

The user must have a Microsoft signed-in account in order to access the “Follow the creator” area, which is located in the browser’s sidebar and has content organized into two columns. First, the “Recent Posts,” followed by a list of all the creators who have been saved in the other column.

This activity According to Reddit user Leopeva64-2, who also pioneered the “Follow the creator” option for YouTube in January, it is currently accessible in the Canary tester version of the browser.

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