Nick Jonas and Olivia Culpo dated for two years before he broke up together with her. He later married Bollywood actor Priyanka Chopra.

Among Nick Jonas‘ long listing of exes is also actor-version Olivia Culpo. They dated for almost two years before he broke up along with her, leaving her heartbroken. On the most efficient episode of The Culpo Sisters, Olivia pointed out what happened among them. (Also examine: Priyanka Chopra reacts to Miley Cyrus’ post approximately her ‘ex’ Nick Jonas)

As in line with a document in People, Olivia stated that she turned into in love with Nick whilst he dumped her. She stated she moved to Los Angeles for him and was left without a assist after they broke up. “I did date Nick and that changed into a totally formative experience for me…I moved to LA with him. I had no logo, no cash and I become in love. That became awesome proper, however while he broke up with me, I became type of left without a experience of identification,” she said.

“My whole identification turned into in him,” she delivered, “that’s a very not unusual tale of a younger man or woman in love. I notion we were going to get married, I concept all of the things, and I just consider night after night looking up at my ceiling in my rental that I couldn’t afford questioning to myself how am I going to pay my rent. I could not even manage to pay for my groceries. It changed into a serious, pivotal moment for me, however it turned into some thing that taught me that you can’t give up.”

Now, Nick is married to Indian actor Priyanka Chopra. They were given married in December 2018 and have a daugher named Malti Marie Chopra Jonas, who became born in advance this 12 months. Olivia is dating American footballer Christian McCaffrey.

When Nick and Priyanka got engaged, Olivia stated, “I think that any time, all people can find love, particularly in this industry – as it’s tough. You can see there’s a tune file of things no longer running out. So I am happy for him. I desire all people can locate love and happiness. That does not suggest I could no longer desire that for him.”

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