Abolition of monarchy has additionally been an issue raised outside the United Kingdom in countries like Jamaica, New Zealand and Canada that are underneath the commonwealth rule.

As King Charles III acceded to the British throne after his mother Elizabeth II’s death, the hashtag ‘NotMyKing’ trended on social media. Some instance of human beings sporting anti-monarchists signs and symptoms, shouting slogans and heckling royals were additionally registered. But the anti-monarchy protests in Britain aren’t new. Here’s why the anti-monarchy protests in Britain were taking region:

How are human beings protesting towards the new King Charles III?

This week, police arrested people protesting towards the monarchy. One of the first times become pronounced on Sunday, while Symon Hill from Oxford was arrested after he shouted, “who elected him?”, even as a document formally proclaiming Charles III as king became read aloud.

A 22-yr-antique was also arrested for allegedly heckling Prince Andrew in Edinburgh. Activist and attorney, Paul Powlesland, on Monday stated he turned into questioned by the police because he “held up a blank piece of paper” at Parliament Square.

Just went to Parliament Square & held up a clean piece of paper. Officer got here & asked for my details. He confirmed that if I wrote “Not My King” on it, he could arrest me underneath the Public Order Act because someone is probably angry.

— Paul Powlesland (@paulpowlesland) September 12, 2022
Why are human beings protesting in opposition to the monarchy?

The anti-monarchy sentiment inside the UK is fueled with the aid of the ‘Republic marketing campaign’ that’s the largest lobbying institution for UK Republicans. The institution believes that the monarchy is an previous device. Abolition of monarchy has also been an trouble raised out of doors the UK in international locations like Jamaica, New Zealand and Canada which might be under the commonwealth rule.

Can the UK police arrest the protestors?

Police officers can intrude in instances which they believe are “unjustifiably noisy protests which can have a large effect on others”, Sky News suggested. On the alternative hand, a spokesperson for UK Prime Minister Liz Truss told ABC news: “This is a length of national mourning for the considerable, great majority of the us of a, however the fundamental proper to protest remains the keystone of our democracy.”

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