On New Year’s Eve, a tragic catastrophe occurred in Schönebeck (Saxony-Anhalt). A man (42) in Schönebeck was killed when he was struck by a car shortly after midnight while setting off fireworks in the street.

The force of the impact early on Sunday morning caused the 42-year-old to be hurled several meters across Friedrichstrasse, according to a police spokeswoman on Sunday. Due to his terrible injuries, he passed away at the scene of the collision.

After the collision, the 61-year-old Skoda driver fled and initially left his vehicle parked on a side street. Police said that a witness who followed him in his own vehicle was able to convince him to turn around.

After that, the 61-year-old Berlin man’s breath alcohol level was measured to be 1.86 per thousand. The police official claimed that “the driver’s license was secured.”

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