Apple has solved with a new version of iOS 16.3 the problem whereby the owners of some iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max displayed green and yellow horizontal lines on their screen on their ‘smartphones’.

A few months after the launch of these iPhone models, some users reported the appearance of lines when turning on their devices, which They blinked for a few seconds and then disappeared. when the screen was going to turn on.

The company recognized this problem a few days ago in an internal note, in which it stated that it was a defect in the iPhone’s ‘software’. So the manufacturer anticipated that an update would arrive “soon” that would solve it.

Now this same medium indicates that Apple has released an update to its operating system, version iOS 16.3, with which it solves this problem, although it has not clarified how many devices have been affected by this failure of its ‘software’.

MacRumors points out that the US manufacturer has made this update available to developers and it is expected to be released through the stable channel next week.

It also underlines that iOS 16.3 includes some new features, such as the global availability of Advanced data protection for iCloud or the ability to use a physical security key as a two-factor authentication option for an Apple account with ID.

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