ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Saturday completely rejected India’s try and hold the G-20 summit in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJ&K), reiterating that the area is below New Delhi’s forcible and illegal profession.

Indian media outlet NDTV suggested that India is planning to host the 2023 meetings of the G-20 and its Ministry of External Affairs has already issued directives to the authorities within the occupied territory to make certain necessary arrangements.

In a declaration, the Foreign Office reminded India that it’s miles well-known that IIOJ&K is an across the world recognised “disputed” territory between Islamabad and New Delhi.

“The territory has been below forcible and unlawful profession of India seeing that 1947 and this dispute has remained at the agenda of the United Nations Security Council for over seven many years,” the statement examine.

The Foreign Office stated India is liable for big atrocities and egregious human rights violations in IIOJ&K. Since India’s illegal and unilateral moves on August five, 2019, Indian occupation forces have killed 639 harmless Kashmiris in greater-judicial murders, it mentioned.

“Numerous reports of the UN, such as the 2 commissioned through the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) in 2018 and 2019, have re-showed ongoing Indian atrocities in opposition to the Kashmiri humans.”

The Foreign Office strongly advised the global community to call upon India to quit its gross and systematic violations of human rights in IIOJ&K, revoke its illegal and unilateral moves of five August 2019, and free all political prisoners including the real Kashmiri leaders.

“The handiest manner to lasting peace in South Asia is by means of granting the human beings of the Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir their inalienable right to self-dedication as pledged to them within the applicable UN Security Council resolutions,” the Foreign Office added.

The Foreign Office harassed that most ominously, India has been in search of to change the demographic shape of the occupied territory in flagrant violation of applicable UN Security Council resolutions, worldwide law, and the 4th Geneva Convention.

Contemplating the conserving of any G20-associated event in IIOJ&K — in utter push aside of the globally recounted “disputed” fame of the territory — is a travesty that the international network can not take delivery of underneath any circumstances, it said.

“It is expected that during case of one of these arguable proposal from India, which might be designed to searching for worldwide legitimacy for an unlawful and tyrannical profession persevering with for over seven many years, the G20 individuals can be absolutely cognisant of the imperatives of law and justice and could reject it out-proper.”

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