The Chamber of Commerce of Serbia and the company Rakuten Viber will be strategic partners in developing services for small and medium-sized companies in Serbia with the aim of digitizing their business, it was agreed today at the meeting of the president of the Chamber of Commerce Marko Čadež and the director for development in the leading markets of the company Rakuten Viber Atanas Raykov).

Services for small and medium-sized enterprises will be developed through the Center for Digital Transformation of PKS, Čadež announced at the presentation “Viber in 2023: a super-application for interaction between users and brands” in PKS.

“We have agreed to be strategic partners in the development of services for small and medium-sized enterprises through the Center for Digital Transformation of the PKS, through whose programs thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises have gone through and digitized their business processes. Now, together with Viber, we want to let’s make an even bigger step forward,” Čadež pointed out.

The President of PKS pointed out that Viber offers the Serbian economy the opportunity to be more functional and do better business, while the company’s new solutions enable businessmen to better communicate with suppliers, consumers and business partners.

As he added, Viber’s new services enable companies to integrate numerous business processes into one easy-to-use platform, which reduces company costs, which is especially important nowadays.

Atanas Rajkov pointed out that Viber is installed on 90 percent of all active mobile phone numbers in Serbia, 96 percent in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, 86 percent in Albania and 84 percent in North Macedonia.

“In Serbia, a million users use our application every day. In addition to personalized users, we also work on developing services for large, small and medium-sized companies. Serbia is a market of key importance for Viber, and we strive to take into account the experiences of millions when working on the development of new functionalities and solutions users, as well as numerous partners, clients and institutions from your country,” said Rajkov.

The functions “business inbox” and “commercial orders” were recently introduced on the “Viber” platform and are available to companies and users in Serbia and in the world.

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