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European stock markets closed with gains of up to 2% in the main stock indices. On Wall Street, the main stock indices climb by 1.4%-1.8%.

“The market has become somewhat oversold and has been looking for a reason to correct higher. The Nike and FedEx reports provided that, but I doubt the gains will continue in the coming days and weeks,” Sam Stobel, chief investment officer at CFRA, told CNBC.

In the commodity trading arena, oil contracts rise by more than 2% and gold remains stable.


The gains on Wall Street are getting stronger: the main stock indices are climbing by 1.6%-1.8%. In Europe, the indices are rising at rates of up to 2%.

Significant increases are recorded Nvidia AMD, Dark Amazon, Boeing , Netflix , monday cognate, Zim and Pagaia.

Carnival Jumps by about 6% after publishing reports for the last quarter.

The yields on US government bonds are decreasing slightly: the yield on the 10-year bond is down to 3.66% and the yield on the two-year bond is down to 4.23%.


US Macro: The consumer confidence index reached a level of 108.3 points compared to an expected level of 101 points.

Sales of second-hand houses reached an annual level of about 4.09 million compared to an expected 4.2 million.

The Dow Jones index rises by about 1% and the Nasdaq climbs at a similar rate. The S&P 500 index registers an increase of about 0.9%.


The trading day on Wall Street opened with a positive trend. The Dow Jones index rises by about 0.9% and the Nasdaq climbs by about 0.3%.

company Applied Materials announced its intention to invest billions of dollars in innovation and expanding its global production capabilities. The company is expanding its operations by opening research and development centers in Silicon Valley in the US, as well as by expanding its production facilities in the US and Singapore.

company iSure Medical announced that it will raise $14.5 million by issuing shares at a price of $1.65 per share. This compares to a price of $2.60 per share at the close of trading last night on Wall Street.


company Cyberark , which deals in cyber security, announced the appointment of Col. (res.) Omer Grossman to the position of Chief Information Systems Officer (CIO) of the company. In his last position in the IDF, he was the commander of the Center for Excellence in Cyber, and according to the company’s announcement, in this position Grossman led defense operations in cyber of national significance. Before that, he served as the commander of the Defense Ministry. At Cyberark, Grossman will lead the global IT group.

According to a report on the website Electrek company Tesla Freeze new hires and lay off employees during the first quarter of 2023.


The increases in oil are strengthening to about 2%: Brent oil is trading around $82 per barrel and WTI oil around $78 per barrel.

US government bond yields are on the decline, the yield on the 10-year bond loses about four percentage points to a level of 3.64%.


The futures in New York signal a positive opening on Wall Street. Contracts on the Nasdaq rise about 0.4%, on the Dow they strengthen 0.7% and on the S&P 500 index they add 0.5%.


In the commodity arena, oil is up about 1%, Brent oil to almost 81 dollars per barrel and WTI oil to about 77 dollars per barrel. Gold weakened 0.1% and traded around $1,823 per ounce.

Following the positive reports, Nike jumps almost 13% in pre-trade, fdx jumps 4.6%.


In Europe, the gains are getting stronger, led by Dax and Cac 40 which are up 0.8%. The consumer confidence figures in Germany published today rose for the third month in a row and stand at -37.8 compared to a forecast of -38.0 and -40.1 last month.

In Hong Kong, the Hang Seng index closed up 0.3%.


Trading in European stock markets opened with a positive trend. In Frankfurt the DAX index rises 0.3%, in London the POTSI 100 adds 0.2% and in Paris the CAC 40 strengthens 0.3%.


The Nikkei index in Tokyo closed with a decrease of almost 0.7%, in Australia the ASX200 index jumped by 1.3% and in Seoul the Kospi fell by 0.2%. In Hong Kong, the Hang Seng index is now up about 0.2%.

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In Asia, as mentioned, the trend is mixed. The Nikkei index falls by 0.6%, and Shanghai and Seoul also see declines. In Hong Kong, on the other hand, the flagship index climbs by 0.3% and in Australia an increase of 1.3% is recorded.

Mitsubishi Financial Bank stands out with an increase of almost 4% in Tokyo, in part after the Central Bank of Japan decided yesterday to allow a fluctuation in the 10-year bond interest rate in the range of 0.5% compared to the 0.25% it had allowed until now. The car manufacturers are losing ground, including Mitsubishi, Nissan and Suzuki In Hong Kong, the trend is mixed among technology stocks, with Xiaomi and Meituan losing ground while Alibaba and Tencent gain strength.

On Wall Street, contracts are up by about 0.5% after a four-day losing streak was interrupted last night and stock indices finished with slight gains. The Dow Jones led with a 0.3% gain, the S&P 500 advanced about 0.1% and the Nasdaq was unchanged.

Nike Jumped nearly 13% in late trading last night after beating estimates in its fiscal second quarter earnings per share of 85 cents, when expectations were just 64 cents. Revenues also exceeded expectations and amounted to $13.3 billion, a 17% increase compared to last year (forecasts were $12.6 billion).

fdx Jumped close to 5% after the reports. The shipping giant announced at the same time that it will reduce costs by an additional billion dollars since the weak demand is expected to hurt its quarterly profit. amount The financial savings of 2023 will amount to 3.7 billion dollars. At the same time, it surpassed forecasts in the line of adjusted profit ($3.18 per share when the expectation was $2.82) but missed in revenues ($22.8 billion and the forecasts were for $23.74 billion).

The trend in the American bond market is mixed this morning, after long-term government bond yields climbed sharply yesterday. The 10-year bond yield increases by 2 points and now stands at 3.70% and the two-year bond yield drops slightly to 4.26%.

There is stability in the commodity market. American oil is trading around 76 dollars per barrel and Brent at the level of 80 dollars per barrel. The crypto market is also stable. Bitcoin is trading at $16.8 thousand and Ethereum at $1,208.

Today, mortgage and existing home sales data in the US and inflation data in Canada will be published.

Tomorrow, growth data will be published in Great Britain, the interest rate decision in Turkey (which is expected to remain at a rate of 9%) as well as final growth data in the US, after the preliminary reading indicated a 2.9% expansion in the American economy in the third quarter. The inflation figure derived from GDP will also be published, which is expected to stand at 4.3%

On Friday, the consumer price indices will be published in Japan and Singapore, growth data in the Netherlands, Spain and Canada, and in the USA the price index for private consumption expenditure and new home sales will be published.

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