The Serbian Post announced today that it is continuing with the technological modernization of the postal-logistics infrastructure, postal-logistics centers and branch offices, and will put the conveyor belt into operation tomorrow.

“The post office acquired a new machine, a belt conveyor, which it implemented and will put into operation tomorrow, November 28, in the technology area of ​​its largest Regional Postal and Logistics Center in Zemun,” the announcement states. The belt conveyor serves, as stated, improvement of the process of manual sorting of non-processable shipments weighing up to 50 kilograms.

This will significantly facilitate the work of employees, as well as reduce the introduction of new executors to a minimum
fasten the way with cargo and speed up the entire process of sorting shipments.

The machine is modular and easily adapts to the shape of the space in which work processes are carried out, with the possibility of adjusting the speed and changing the direction of movement.

“The strategic commitment of the Post of Serbia is the continuous improvement of logistics capacities, automation and digitalization in accordance with the requirements of users and state institutions, as well as the development of respectable competition,” said the acting director of the Post of Serbia, Zoran Djordjević.

He added that in regional and local postal centers, the reliability of processing continues to increase, with
providing the necessary capacities to increase the volume of existing services.

In addition to the machines, as he said, for the automated sorting of shipments that the Post already owns, investments in new machines and equipment and the automation of work processes are continuing wherever possible, in the function of better and more efficient exploitation processes of sorting, transshipment, transport, storage, commissioning and other commercial market requirements, at the projected level of service quality.

“We do all this with the aim of even greater reliability and quality of the postal service, user satisfaction, while also ensuring better working conditions for employees,” said Djordjević.

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