For quite a long time, milk and its various items have been a famous piece of Indian eating regimen. The agrarian culture of India has a significant impact in making dairy animals milk a fundamental part of a solid sustenance. One of its items, paneer, is very famous in making a few delicious conventional and imaginative dishes.

Milk in India

For over 3,000 years, agribusiness has been the primary control of the individuals of India. India, with its differing territory and adaptable atmosphere, rich soil and climate can develop a wide range of harvests. The flexibility of horticulture items developed in India has set up it to be one of the real wellsprings of sustenance items around the globe.

With agribusiness likewise came creature farming, which was for the most part centered around the Indian dairy animals. The Indian dairy animals, likewise called the Gir bovine, is a novel type of cow which is indigenous toward the South Asian area, especially between the Himalayas and Sri Lanka. The Indian dairy animals milk gives advantageous items, which is referenced widely in the old Ayurvedic writings.

Milk from Indian dairy animals is advantageous as it contains the A 2 kind of milk protein, though other bovine breeds, for example, Jersey cows, Swiss Holstein, and other such remote cow breeds give milk having A 1 sort of milk protein.

Pride of Cows milk and milk items

Pride of Cows is an imaginative and propelled dairy cultivating activity from Parag Milk Foods, which is an ISO 9000 and AGMARK guaranteed organization. Under the administration of the Bhagyalakshmi Dairy Farm, Pride of Cows offers new and unadulterated milk alongside dairy items to their clients straightforwardly at their doorstep.

Pride of Cows vows to convey new and healthy packaged milk, chilled to exactly 4 degree Celsius, ideal to your home. This is made conceivable using progressed and proficient automated procedures that take successful consideration of milk from extraction to packaging. This aides in holding the perfect healthful degree of the milk so you can expend the fundamental supplements in your eating routine every day.

Pride of Cows additionally furnishes you with quick to-cook plans which help you to get ready delicious and nutritious Indian dishes.

Pride of Cows paneer bhurji formula is one of the most mainstream paneer plans. Many clients swear by the rich taste of this dish.

The Pride of Cows paneer bhurji formula

Pride of Cows paneer bhurji formula is genuinely simple to set aside a few minutes to get ready as well. It might take you 10 to 15 minutes for planning to prepare the fixings and another 15 to 20 minutes for cooking. This specific formula guidance, for making paneer bhurji can serve 4 individuals.


Take:300 grams paneer (curds)

3 tablespoons of oil

Squeeze of Asafoetida

4-5 spring onions cleaved

½ teaspoon turmeric powder

1 teaspoon bean stew powder

2 medium-sized tomatoes finely cleaved


2 tablespoons coriander leaves

Instructions to make it:

Pour oil in a non-stick container and warmth it. Include onions and asafetida and saute it till the onions are light dark colored.

At that point include hacked tomatoes, bean stew powder, turmeric powder and salt. Saute it till oil isolates. Add paneer and continue to cook for a moment. Enhancement with coriander leaves and serve hot.

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