After months of speculation about why King Charles has not yet appointed his brother Prince Edward as Duke of Edinburgh, the answer seems to be finally there. Although it was expected that Edward would become the new duke after Prince Philip’s death last year, it now appears that King Charles wants to save the title for his granddaughter Princess Charlotte.

Charlotte has been third in line to the throne since Elizabeth’s death, after her father and brother George. The title of the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh is one of the highest in the royal family. After the death of Prince Philip last April, the title, which Philip received from his father-in-law, automatically passed to Charles. Since he is king, the title is free again.

An insider shows up Daily Mail know that title discussions are underway and that King Charles could decide to bestow the title of the Duchess of Edinburgh on Prince William’s middle child, Princess Charlotte, who is third in line to the throne. The title would be a “fitting” tribute to her great-grandmother, the source says. Elizabeth herself became Duchess of Edinburgh in 1947 when she married Philip and held this title until she became Queen. Charles would now like to “honor the line of succession.” According to the source, it is “of constitutional importance” that Charlotte be given the title of Duchess of Edinburgh.

In addition, when William ascends the throne, Charlotte would also assume the title of The Princess Royal can get – which Princess Anne now wears. According to a post shared on the royal family’s social media accounts celebrating Princess Anne’s birthday in August 2020, the title will only be passed on to the monarch’s eldest daughter. Other titles are waiting for George. When William becomes king, he will become Duke of Cornwall and later Prince of Wales.

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