After tensions over environmental protests against the town’s demolition to develop a mine rose, German police used water cannons to disperse demonstrators outside the mining town of Lutzerath.

This Saturday, hundreds of protesters confronted the police while yelling, “Towards Lutzerath!” The riot police had to step in to stop the situation.

The leaders of the German party Los Verdes, a member of the coalition government in Germany, came under fire from Swedish activist Greta Thunberg hours earlier for their support of the town’s demolition in the country’s west for the extraction of coal from underground.

Companies like the one that owns the land, the energy firm RWE, have been held accountable by Thunberg for how they treat their employees. “The Greens’ engagement with these businesses demonstrates what their priorities are,” he continued.

These assertions are in direct opposition to one of the party’s highest-ranking officials, the Minister of the Economy, Robert Habeck, who expressed regret this past Friday that the environmental activists who had occupied the town because they opposed the use of this area to obtain coal were starting the “wrong battle.”

Thousands of people have also protested against RWE’s plans to establish a coal mine on the property in the neighbouring town of Keyenberg.

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