Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, issued regulations on Monday banning LGTBI “promotion” and toughening penalties with measures that go beyond those applicable to children, disregarding concerns from groups that fight for human rights.

According to the Interfax news agency, the reform package, which has made it to Putin’s desk after passing through both houses of Parliament, contains provisions to stop any information seen to be at odds with conservative ideals on the Internet, in the media, in books, films, and commercials.

The list of information that is now prohibited from dissemination has been expanded by the authorities, who make sure that the reform is justified by the need to fight scourges like pedophilia. Examples include “propaganda for non-traditional sexual relations or information that may induce minors to request a sex change.”

Additionally, penalties for sharing this information can be as high as 400,000 rubles (about 6,400 euros) for regular persons and 800,000 rubles for officials. For entities, the fine increases to $5 million (more than 79,000 euros).

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