Jussi Lassila, a senior researcher at the Foreign Policy Institute, does not rule out that Putin would announce a new motion in a speech during his visit to St. Petersburg. He points out that there is always an attempt to maintain it.

Russian president Vladimir Putin participated in the celebrations of the 80th anniversary of the breaking of the siege of Leningrad on Wednesday, says The Kremlin and Russian state news agencies Tass mixed Interfax.

Putin visited the memorials of those who died in the siege and the cemeteries where those who died during the siege have been buried.

Putin is scheduled to visit the Obukhov steel plant and talk with the plant’s workers. In addition, he meets the governor of St. Petersburg Aleksandr Belgovin.

Russian median Izvestian by Putin will also give a speech in St. Petersburg on Wednesday.

No information has been made public about the content of the speech. The US think tank Institute for the Study of War (ISW) estimates in the latest in his reportthat Putin may give an announcement about the second motion as early as Wednesday.

The intelligence services of Ukraine and Western countries have repeatedly warned about the preparations for Putin’s launch, which is planned for mid-January.

Officially, the “partial motion launch” has not been stopped, although the Russian leadership has made it public statementsaccording to which it would have been done.

Foreign policy senior researcher at the institute Jussi Lassila does not rule out that Putin would announce a new business proposition in a possible speech during his visit to St. Petersburg. He points out that there is always an attempt to maintain it.

“It’s possible, but I don’t think it’s certain by any means. The business launch has not been officially stopped. We are constantly looking for ways to implement it discreetly,” says Lassila.

Lassila believes that if Putin does not announce a new motion, there will be an announcement comparable to it.

“Some confirmation that we as a whole nation have to put our cards in the pile and go to war against the West or something else. Something is being prepared here.”

Lassila justifies his view by the fact that the prolongation of the war has pushed Russia into a situation where it has to achieve some kind of achievements.

Lassila sees that Russia can also try to profile the so-called military special operation as an official operation carried out by the army, because Yevgeny Prigozhin led by Wagner mercenary group has taken a bigger role in Ukraine alongside the Russian armed forces.

“Yes, this certainly grounds the fact that we are trying to make some kind of turn in a better direction for Russia,” says Lassila.

“It may be that Putin declares the necessity of launching a movement using some wording, it may be that he declares war against Ukraine. However, I consider that unlikely, as it would increase nervousness among the people.”

Lassila says that Russia is balancing with whether the war in Ukraine is a special operation carried out by professionals or a war of the whole society.

Russian the business launch announced in September caused hundreds of thousands of Russians fleeing the country and strong demonstrations.

Lassila sees that these risks can materialize again if the business launch is announced again. However, he emphasizes that the business launch carried out in September did not cause a significant political risk for the current administration.

“I think the administration is even encouraged by the fact that even though problems arose, it didn’t lead to anything.”

He reminds that even a small increase in Putin’s support has been seen since September.

“The Russians are still able to find a state where there is no need to think about war. In a way, the whole Ukraine issue becomes less interesting. However, a fairly large-scale war is being waged and people have been mobilized. It says that there is no reason for wider nervousness,” says Lassila.

Lassila believes that the war in Ukraine has become a new way for the Russian administration to justify its actions.

“Through it, one can always take one step forward in the militarization of society and the overallization of society’s war.”

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