The American defense concern Lockheed Martin will join the Israeli defense concern Rafael in a project to develop a laser-based missile defense system, which should significantly reduce the cost of intercepting enemy missiles.

In 2019, the Israeli Ministry of Defense announced a breakthrough in its work on laser missile defense systems. The development of the ground system was entrusted to the Rafael concern, the development of the air-based system was entrusted to the Elbit concern.

The Magen Or (Shield of Light) system with a laser power of more than 100 kW and a range of 10 kilometers was introduced by the Rafael concern and the Office for Research, Development of Arms and Technological Infrastructure under the Ministry of Defense (MAPAT) at the beginning of 2022.

The high-powered laser system will complement Israel’s multi-layered missile defense system, which includes the Iron Dome, David’s Sling and Hetz missile interception systems.

It is planned that within two years the first system will be deployed near the borders of the Gaza Strip

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