The sculpture was observed for the duration of an archaeological exploration with the aid of a group led by using T Murugeshi, associate professor at the department of historical history and archaeology at MSRS university at Shirva in Udupi.

A rare sculpture of ‘Nagabhairava,’ presumptively relationship back to the 14th or fifteenth century, has been observed at Kairla, Nandalike in Karkala taluk of Udupi district. The sculpture was determined during an archaeological exploration through a crew led by way of T Murugeshi, partner professor at the branch of ancient history and archaeology at MSRS university at Shirva in Udupi.

Naga sculptures are typically found in regions in coastal Karnataka. But, the affiliation with the Bhairava cult is exciting, Murugeshi said in a press release right here Wednesday. Kairla in Nandalike village become a fantastic centre of Mahakali worship, he stated. “The sculpture is a curious one by using its iconography as well. It is located on a green schist stone, rectangular in form with a conical form on the top. At the lowest of the stone, a unmarried hooded serpent in four knots or area mandala is shown at the hood and Bhairava is depict in status posture with four fingers,” the release stated. Bhairava holds two serpents in his rear hands and a Nagadanda in his front right hand and human head in left hand. On the top, two knots of serpent and two Nagakannikas’ are shown status with keeping serpents every. A five hooded serpent umbrella is proven over the Nagabhairava’s, head, Murugeshi stated.

The whole picture is in the fashion of folk tradition in appearance and it has a near resemblance with that of a Bhairava sculpture determined in Ninnikal near Nandikuru in the district, which was a capital seat of Ballala kings of Kuthyar and the sculpture belongs to the 14th or the fifteenth century, he stated. The Bhairava cult become carefully associated with the Jain Goddess Padmavati, who became additionally a serpent goddess. At Humcha, that’s a well-known Jain pilgrimage centre close to Tirthahalli, Bhairava is a Khsetrapala God, he stated within the release.

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