Based on a recent playful study, walking style can be developed to burn calories more efficiently.

Obesity is one of the biggest public health problems in the world. Among other things, there have been warnings about bad lifestyles World Health Organization. Finns do not stand out from the crowd: According to the Institute of Health and Welfare among adults over 30, 63 percent of women and 72 percent of men are overweight.

In studies has been previously statedthat regular walking and jogging are good ways to shed extra pounds.

However, based on a recent playful study, a walking style can be developed to burn calories more efficiently.

Advance expectations according to this, the researchers proved that wacky walking – a humor group based on the model of Monty Python – is more effective than the traditional walking style.

The study was published in December In the British medical journal and have written about it, among other things The Washington Post mixed Forbes.

13 adults between the ages of 22 and 71 participated in the study, which was carried out scientifically but with a sense of fun, who walked while connected to test devices The Ministry of Silly Walks – at the pace of the sketch. In that year 1970 Monty Python’s Flying Circus In the sketch shown on the TV show, Mr. Teabag, an employee of the “Ministry of Funny Walks” appears (John Cleese).

You can see how the research was carried out in the video attached to this article.

Legs after the elevated walking exercises, the researchers measured the speed of the subjects and observed the effects of the experiment on the metabolism. It turned out that when imitating Cleese’s character’s unconventional walk, the test subjects’ oxygen intake more than doubled and burned more calories than during normal walking.

If about a third of a 5,000-step daily walk were this kind of “funny walk”, one hundred calories more than normal would be consumed per day, says Forbes.

A walk however, you can get an effective training form even without an eye-catching style.

With the right technique, you get a lot more out of walking: the muscles are activated, the body works naturally and foot pain stays away.

In this article exercise planner and foot therapist tell you what everyone should know about walking.

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