The Croatian rugby team is returning to Makarska after more than ten years! The delegation of the Alliance agreed with Makarani and the mayor Zoran Paunović to host Croatia’s fourth match in the European Championship of the Trophy Division, against Switzerland, on April 1.

The last time the A national team played in Makarska was on October 27, 2012, when they beat Malta 20-19.

Photo: Croatian Rugby Union

– I am proud that the national team is back in Makarska after almost 11 years and we guarantee that the match will be organized at the highest level. Some of the best matches in the history of Croatia were played in Makarska and I get goosebumps when I remember those clashes and that our team will play here again. I hope that this cooperation will continue in the future and that Makarska will return to the rugby map – said the president of RK Makarska Jakša Lovreta.

Photo: Berislav Rožman

In the 1990s, Makarska was also the champion and part of the national team played for Makarana, among them today’s coach Anthony Poša. And Makarska also hosted the biggest domestic match in the history of rugby, when in June 1998 it played the qualifiers for the World Cup against Italy, and in a great match the Italians won 39-27.

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