Ukraine War: “Air, rocket and artillery forces are sporting out massive moves on devices of the Ukrainian defense force,” the Russian defence ministry said.

“Air, rocket and artillery forces are sporting out big moves on units of the Ukrainian militia in all operational instructions,” the Russian defence ministry said in its each day briefing on the war.
Russia has pulled again its forces from swathes of northeast Ukraine, particularly in the Kharkiv region, after Ukrainian troops released a lightning counter-offensive to wrest again territory held by way of Moscow’s forces.

The defence ministry said in a announcement it had launched “high-precision” moves on Ukrainian positions around Sloviansk and Konstantinovka in the eastern Donetsk place.

Moscow’s forces within the area, which has been partially managed by way of Moscow-backed separatists considering 2014, have reported fierce battles with Ukrainian forces over latest days.

The Kremlin in the meantime accused Kyiv’s army of abusing civilians in territory it had recaptured.

President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman stated that in the Kharkiv vicinity, reports have been emerging of “outrageous” remedy of civilians.

“There are a variety of punitive measures… Human beings are being tortured, humans are being mistreated and so forth,” Dmitry Peskov told reporters.

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