The Swedish security police Säpo considers the country to be more vulnerable to extremist Islamist attacks than before.

Swedish security police Säpo (Säkerhetspolisen) estimated in its publication on Wednesday in the bulletin increased security threats to the country. The release was also reported by several Swedish media and the Reuters news agency.

Säpo states that the situation after the events of the last few weeks is problematic. In January, the protest organized in front of the Turkish Embassy in Stockholm and the burning of the Koran have angered Muslim communities around the world.

The Swedish security police have already considered the country’s security situation threatening. According to the assessment, it has now weakened even more.

Säpo constantly gathers information about threats of attacks against Sweden and works to prevent them. After the recent events, the security police consider the increase in threats to be significant.

Sweden is considered to be more vulnerable to extremist Islamist attacks than before.

In the press release, Säpo emphasizes that it engages in close multi-professional cooperation both in Sweden and internationally with the aim of protecting its citizens.

The decision to change the threat level of terrorism has not been made, but the threat level is still at a high level. The current threat level is defined based on a long-term assessment. If the development continues, the threat level may rise from the current level.

Swedish the security situation has recently been in the headlines also because several explosions and shootings have taken place around the country in December and February. At least some of them are connected to gang crime.

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