In Saxony, the highest temperatures have been measured on a New Year’s Eve since records began. In some cases even the absolute December records were broken. This was announced by the German Weather Service (DWD) on Saturday.

In Dresden-Hosterwitz it was 19.4 degrees. The previous high for the last month of the year came from December 5, 1961 with 17.7 degrees.

New record values ​​were also registered at Leipzig Airport (17.4 degrees) and Chemnitz (15.7). Even the daily record on the Fichtelberg was broken: According to the DWD, 7.9 degrees were measured here.

The previous high for a New Year’s Eve was recorded here in 1961 with 5.6 degrees. However, it was not enough for the highest December value. In 1953, 14.6 degrees were even measured on the highest mountain in Saxony.

On New Year’s Eve it was also very windy to stormy in Bavaria. For altitudes above 1000 meters, the DWD had warned of hurricane-force gusts with wind speeds of up to 110 kilometers per hour. But there was also a strong wind blowing in the lower altitudes. The meteorologists had advised against walks in the forest.

On Sunday and at the start of the week it should remain mild with temperatures in the double-digit range. It’s not supposed to get a little cooler until the middle of the week.

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