Following the contentious World Cup first-round encounter between Serbia and Switzerland, the International Football Association Fifa has opened disciplinary proceedings against the Serbs (2: 3).

FIFA stated on Monday that it is looking into, among other things, misconduct by players and officials as well as discrimination. The game on Friday night had its moments of fervor. The Serbs lost, and as a result, they lost in the first round again again.

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In the second half, Granit Xhaka, the captain of Switzerland, tangled with a Serbian substitute and grabbed him by the crotch.

He took his teammate Ardon Jashari’s shirt off after the game. A Kosovar liberation army U.K. co-founder and a symbol of armed resistance against the Serbs, Jashari is also the name of an independent fighter. According to Xhaka, there was no political motivation behind this move.

The Kosovan-born 30-year-old Xhaka has not yet been the subject of any Fifa investigations. On Tuesday, Switzerland will play Portugal in the round of 16.

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