In an interaction with ANI, Prime Minister Hasina stated that currently the arena as a whole became facing demanding situations which had been now not restrained simplest to Bangladesh.

Dismissing worries that Bangladesh ought to pass the Sri Lanka way, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that notwithstanding the Covid-19 onslaught and the battle in Ukraine, her country’s economic system continued to be in robust form and that her regime exercised a high degree of diligence when taking any loans.
In an interplay with ANI, Prime Minister Hasina stated that presently the arena as a whole became facing demanding situations which were no longer confined only to Bangladesh.

“Our economic system, nevertheless it is very strong. Though, we faced this Covid-19 pandemic, now the Ukraine-Russia war. That has its impact right here. But in debt fee, Bangladesh always can pay well timed all the money owed. So our debt price may be very low. In context of Sri Lanka, our financial system trajectory and the improvement, it’s far (deliberate) very, very calculatively,” said the Bangladesh high minister.

Ms Hasina asserted that due to this measured approach, her united states of america become relaxed at the economic front. Bangladesh did no longer take any loan except it became sure that it might benefit from the project undertaken, she stated.

“I suppose the complete world is dealing with monetary hassle. We are also. But yes there are some people they improve this issue. Oh, Bangladesh might be Sri Lanka, this and that. But I can assure, no, as a way to now not appear. Because we… All our development plans, what we put together and we implement, always we see that what would be the go back? How humans will be the beneficiary? Otherwise I do not take any venture (for) just spending money,” she stated.

Ms Hasina stated that in Bangladesh, each time the authorities considers any loan, it’s far a clear policy to estimate what will be the return for the united states of america at the of completion of the project. “How our financial system will expand? And the people might be beneficiary, this is precedence. So that manner we are taking all the plans, applications. Unnecessary we don’t spend any money,” Hasina added.

The Sri Lankan economy collapsed and plenty of specialists agree with that debts prolonged by means of international locations like China in ambitious projects that did not offer a commensurate go back had been amongst elements that led to the debacle. Many experts seek advice from such loans as debt traps to which growing nations are particularly prone. Hasina, but, shared insights approximately the manner Bangladesh manages its affairs.

Ms Hasina stated that her government takes up plans for consideration in a completely methodical manner.

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“And we take the plan, so as because it’s far a totally calculative manner we are growing, I experience that we can no longer face a similar scenario… Not handiest that, inside the coverage remember, the moment pandemic started , Covid-19, I referred to as upon our humans, and also we furnished all styles of guide and inputs, up to the village level and also endorsed our human beings to grow extra food objects, as a great deal as food they are able to develop. I constantly supported them that what you must do. You ought to develop your meals so that we should not rely on others,” she stated.

Ms Hasina, but, confessed that the war in Ukraine had posed some troubles for her usa. “It has terrible effect no question approximately it, in particular the things we import from different countries,” she said.

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