Siri, Apple’s voice assistant, has implemented a function with which users can schedule actions and automations to carry them out in the period of time that has been determined,for example, at a specific time or by specifying a time such as “within half an hour”.

With the update of Apple’s operating system to iOS 16.3which arrived last Tuesday along with the rest of the brand’s operating systems, the company has included some features that bring users closer to home comfort with home-connected devices and voice commands directed to Siri.

In this sense, Apple has introduced a new feature for Siri in smart homes. Until now, the voice assistant allowed users to users request actions by voice that he was performing at the same time. However, with the update, Siri is able to schedule actions and automations to execute them laterat the time that the user has detailed.

For example, as Apple explained on its website on the occasion of the presentation of the HomePod (2nd generation), users will be able to ask to turn off the kitchen light at 10:00 p.m. Likewise, they may also schedule actions to perform routinely with just your voice,such as raising the blinds every day when the sun rises.

Furthermore, once the user requests these scheduled actions, they can be found within the ‘app’ Home, in the ‘Automation’ tab.

This new function can be used both on HomePods and on other devices. It can also be used in the new 2nd generation HomePod presented last week by the American company, which will go on sale next Friday, February 3.

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