The Helsinki Stock Exchange opened to freezing temperatures on Monday, when the index was quoted at the beginning of trading down -0.2 percent at around 11,220 points. Tomorrow, the stock market is closed due to Independence Day.

Pharmaceutical companies started the strongest rise Pharaoh (+5.9%), software services company He wins (+4.6%) and renovation builder Consti (+4,0 %).

Faron reported on the progress of studies on his cancer drug bexmarilimab. Two patients have now seen some signs of the drug’s effectiveness, although the other is still in the early stages of treatment.

The condition of the rest of the patients participating in the study is stable, i.e. the cancer has neither spread nor shrunk.

Very steep declines were not seen, but among other things Rarely (-1,5 %), Stora Enson A share (-1.3%) and Spinnova (-1.3%) slipped by more than one percent.

Especially on the list of the most traded shares Metso Outotec (+0.9%) opened strongly, and also Kone (+0.8%) rose after the relaxation of corona restrictions in the important Chinese market. Steel company Outokumpu also opened up (+0.8%).

Fortum (-1,1 %), Nokia (-0.8 %) and UPM (-0.5) were calculated. In particular, Fortum’s and UPM’s shares may be affected by the bill, which went to the opinion round today, in which it is proposed to limit the excessive profits of electricity companies with an additional profit tax.

The amount of the tax would be 33 percent of the part of the profit that exceeds the five percent return on equity for the electricity business. The additional profit tax would come on top of the usual corporate tax and it would be collected retrospectively during 2024.

Information service provider With something told about the security breach that targeted its Swedish IT supplier, as a result of which some of Enento’s services are not available to customers.

According to Enento, it is not known when the problem will be resolved, but the aim is to secure the continuity of Enento’s business and minimize the impact on customers.

Shipping company Tallink published its statistics for November. The number of passengers increased by 7.6 percent from last year and the number of passenger vehicles by 5.1 percent. On the other hand, the number of freight units decreased by 5.6 percent compared to the comparison period.

Inderes started a weighing company listed on Friday Tamtron’s with a follow-up recommendation and a target price of 6.70 euros.

Serial combiner Boreon on the other hand, it lowered the recommendation to the reduce level from the previous increase level, maintaining the target price at 44.00 euros.

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