This past Sunday, while the national teams of Morocco and Belgium were playing in the World Cup in Qatar, there were disturbances that needed to be put under control. The Alaouite team ultimately won the match (2-0 ).

“Although things are returning to normal, the police are still on the scene. We have limited the events to a single street because of the Police’s collaboration and command cohesion “stated Philippe Close, the mayor of Brussels, in a tweet.

He continued, “Once again, I strongly condemn the actions taken by these scoundrels, who will always come up against the Brussels Police.

According to Ilse Van de Keere, the local spokeswoman for the Brussels-Capital/Ixelles Police, the sympathizers smashed street furniture and launched projectiles at the agents, forcing 100 cops armed with water cannons to take action.

“Pyrotechnic material was used, missiles were launched, sticks were used, and there was fire on public roads, particularly a container at the intersection of Boulevard Lemonnier and Rue de Woeringen,” he said. Fireworks have caused at least one journalist to suffer injuries.

“Dozens of young people, sometimes masked, some with the Moroccan flag, who gathered at the start of the second half at the Gare du Midi district,” according to a correspondent for the French newspaper “Le Monde.”

Prime Minister Alexander De Croo of the nation denounced the unrest. After his trip to the Ukraine, he stated that “football should be a celebration.”

Before praising the Police for their efforts, Interior Minister Annelies Verlinden expressed her concern that “it is terrible to see how some take advantage of the circumstances to instigate a disturbance.” In the next days, she said, “they will do everything they can to identify the rioters while also doing what they can to put an end to the bloodshed.”

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