The idea of hosting the Winter Games piqued the Swedes’ interest once more.

Sweden is thinking about applying to host the Winter Olympics in 2030.

When the International Olympic Committee IOC postponed the Winter Games application procedure until next year and then sent possible contenders a survey of interest, Swedish enthusiasm in hosting the Games was reignited.

When Vancouver’s Olympic plans fell through owing to financial difficulties and Sapporo, Japan, postponed its candidacy, the mapping of candidates started over.

The IOC and the Swedes have reportedly begun “informal and exploratory conversations” regarding a potential application procedure for the Winter Olympics, according to the Swedish Olympic Committee.

It has been decided to launch a preliminary investigation in Sweden.

“We met with the IOC as a first step and went over the problem without making any promises from either side. The IOC is reportedly evaluating the idea we submitted for the 2026 Games during the conference, “According to the press release from the Swedish Olympic Committee’s acting chairman, Anders Larsson.

“The preliminary investigation should determine whether we can begin the process of moving forward.”

The preliminary study’s intermediate report is due on April 20 and the study’s summer completion is projected. After the study is finished, a potential three-stage search for the competition’s host site could start.

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