The NHL legend who sought ownership of the Jokers annoyed the club’s current owners on Twitter.

NHL-legenda Teemu Selänne took a firm stance on the latest twist in the Jokerit saga on Twitter.

Selänne shared Ilta-Sanomie’s news, which said that the Jokers had asked that the board of the Jääkieksoliitto not process its application for the Mestis place.

Confusion is exactly the right word. Valuable, one of Finland’s finest sports brands is currently a national sports shame…” Selänne wrote as the accompanying words.

Team Jokerit oywho is trying to put Jokerit back on the ice hockey map, last week submitted an application to the Jääkiekoliito for a league place in Mesti.

The federal government was supposed to deal with the matter at its meeting on Tuesday, but the union informed that the limited company had asked a day earlier that the application not be processed because the applicants themselves thought it was incomplete.

Selänne was involved in the Laughing Fool project, which also sought the Joker’s representative team for itself. However, Jokerit ry, which owns the club’s brand and logo, decided to cooperate Joel Harkimon owned by Team Jokerit Oy.

If Jokerit plans to play in Mestis next season, it must first apply for a league place from the federal government and then get a separate license to play in Mestis.

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