2022 already officially holds the dubious title of the worst year for the markets since 2008. Musk’s Tesla recently showed sharp declines and made headlines over whether this is the result of the CEO’s controversial adventures – but it is not alone. With the S&P 500 and the Dow in the background ‘Vance had their worst year since 2008, with declines of 19.4% and 8.8% respectively, the top 20 stocks had their worst year ever.

The worst year among S&P 500 companies with a market value of $30 billion or more was for Tesla, which is heading for record annual percentage declines. stock Tesla decreased by 65%, and thus recorded the worst year in its history. The popular stock has had a negative year only once since it was issued in 2010 so far.

The one who barely escaped from the last place is her Meta the parent company of Facebook, which fell by 64.2% – this is against the background of the billions that CEO Zuckerberg invested in the development of the metaverse, and the shuffling of the online advertising industry, which provides the bulk of his income. This is only the second year in Facebook’s history that the stock is falling, after a drop of 25.7% in 2018, although the Facebook share ended the year of the company’s offering in 2012 with a value 30% lower than the original offering price.

One more stock competed with the negative performance of Tesla and Meta this year, and it also concerns Elon Musk, where he got his start: Paypal , with a second consecutive year of declines, this time by 62.2%. As written in MarketWatch, PayPal executives focused on attracting and retaining high value users on the payment platform site, instead of trying to get as many users as possible, from a wider range of target audiences.

The 21 largest stocks that suffered their worst year ever, according to Dow Jones:

Tesla – 65%
Meta Platforms – 64.2%
PayPal Holdings – 62.2%
Charter Communications – 48%
Edwards Lifesciences – 42.4%
ServiceNow – 40.2%
Zoetis – 39.9%
Fidelity National Information Services – 37.8%
Accenture – 35.6%
Estee Lauder – 33%
Fortinet – 32%
Modern – 29.3%
Iqvia Holdings – 27.4%
Carrier Global – 23.9%
Hilton Worldwide Holdings – 19%
Keysight Technologies – 17.2%
Broadcom – 16%
Arista Networks – 15.6%
Dow – 11.2%
Otis Worldwide – 10.1%
Neat Dr Pepper – 3.3%

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