Those responsible for the theft of documents from the General Archive of the Nation (AGN) could be employees and management personnel of the institution, says Marco Palafox, director of Legal and Archival Affairs, who says that they are also working on identifying a complex network of traffickers of cultural goods.

In interview with The Conferencethe official details that the cases of recovery of documentary heritage in which the AGN is now working are addressed to find the person who was or is taking the documents from the deposits.

Palafox mentions that the archive’s strategy is to generate precedents for the claim of documents with historical value for Mexico, which already has the support of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and institutions such as Harvard University and the National Archives in Washington. This will trigger massive lawsuits for the recovery of the nation’s documentary heritage.

He adds that although there are no exact figures of possible causes, hundreds of complaints could be filed after the establishment of judicial precedents.

Report that they have reviewed the most famous online trading platforms, such as Mercado Libre, eBay and Facebook Market, and we have seen many documents that can be considered documentary heritage of the nation.

The official mentions that action has not yet been taken because you have to be careful, because in criminal matters you only have one chance. If the approach that is made to the authorities and the judge is not valid, there is no second round. Before going to the massive, we must be very clear that it will work. If we do not have clear arguments that the documents are the nation’s documentary heritage, the judges could throw it out (and) we could no longer prosecute those people for that crime.

Point out that First, it is very important to surgically identify which cases will allow us to generate important judicial precedents that trigger issues in a massive way..

Marco Palafox maintains that the AGN has proposed generate judicial precedents that define the parameter of protection of documents, whether they are historical and protected by any archive in the country, or what could be considered documentary heritage of the nation, which are different degrees in importance and protection.

The Director of Legal and Archival Affairs recalls that when he arrived at that institution in December 2018 they were very scarce the recovery precedents, as well as the documents in process to be recovered or the open investigations in this regard that the institution was managing, which was a problem that had to be solved.

First of all, you must get the definition of the criteria of legal protectionfor later detonate the massive persecution of this type of dynamic that is practiced today in the illegal traffic of historical documents.

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