LaLiga answers by stating that it reviews audio and visual evidence to refute the insults directed against the Brazilian.

“It is very unfortunate, unfair, and untrue to print that LaLiga does nothing against racism, find out more,” said Javier Tebas to the player.

The Real Madrid player Vinicius Jr. claimed that racists still enter LaLiga Santander stadiums without LaLiga doing “anything” despite the organization led by Javier Tebas responding that it is already investigating what occurred to denounce the insults after receiving them in Valladolid during the match between Real Valladolid and Real Madrid (0-2).

The white footballer posted on his social media that “LaLiga continues to do nothing” while racists “continue to travel to the stadiums and view the biggest club in the world up close.”

In this regard, he made an ironic point to close his speech. “I’ll carry on with my head held high, celebrating both my own and Madrid’s successes. In the end, I’m to blame “The Brazilian striker expressed his outrage about the circumstances at Pucela.

Following these remarks, LaLiga stated in a statement that it is investigating what transpired. “LaLiga has discovered racist remarks made by someone in the Zorrilla stadium stands and posted on social media. These incidents will be submitted to the Anti-Violence Commission and the Hate Crimes Prosecutor’s Office, as has been done on past occasions in the LaLiga has led the battle against this type of act after looking into racist behavior inside and outside the stadiums “LaLiga asserted its defense.

In reality, the president, Javier Tebas, stated on social media that he was furious with the Brazilian international player from Real Madrid and that LaLiga has been fighting racism for many years.

“We have been fighting racism in LaLiga for many years. Vinicius, publishing that LaLiga does nothing to combat racism is really regrettable, unfair, and untrue. Learn more. We are available to you so that we may all move in the same path “He stated.

LaLiga further highlighted that since the 18/19 season, LaLiga has been managing these matters before the Hate Prosecutor’s Office in the instance of racist taunts by fans directed at players in addition to reporting the facts to the aforementioned State Commission.

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