In the German dance scene, the Dance On Ensemble is exceptional. With the sole purpose of employing professional dancers who are over 40, the business was established in 2015. Despite not being a senior group, Dance On has established a solid reputation in just seven years. With famous worldwide choreographers who are inspired by the dancers’ vast body of knowledge and experience, an intriguing repertoire has been created.

The Dance On Ensemble debuted “Mellowing,” a brand-new production, in the Radialsystem. Together with eleven dancers, the Greek choreographer Christos Papadopoulos created the performance. Coti K, a musician, assisted in the production and made the electronic noises in accordance with the choreographer’s instructions.

nuances ranging from anthracite to slate gray

On the rear wall, a light line that eventually turns gray may be seen. The majority of the performers’ costumes are also in grayish tones. The shades range from slate gray to anthracite, so it’s not “50 Shades of Gray” that can be seen. Gradations matter in this situation, even when dancing.

The eleven dancers each give a solo performance. They first barely leave the area. You move your knees in a scarcely perceptible motion, bending and straightening them alternately. The actors look to be equally at ease and fully alert as their arms hang casually.

Then they make their way slowly through the now well-lit chamber. The earth is always in contact with the feet. With its steady pulse, the composition initially has a monotonous quality that is later covered up by a variety of rhythmic patterns. The dance has motions on the edge of being apparent, giving it an ascetic, almost meditative appearance.

repetitions, different rhythms

Less can be more. Christos Papadopoulos is known for his minimalist dance performances. He pushes the boundaries of minimalism in “Mellowing.” However, it is fascinating to see how the dancers construct an understated movement.

“Mellowing” dance performance at the Radialsystem.
J. Balbath Baptisti

Papadopulis employs rhythmic shifts, repeats, and phase changes. The movements gradually grow bigger and more vigorous, but Papadopulos only permits slight increases in size. He also concentrates on the movement of the constellations within the group in space.

The dancers form pairs or trios and frequently change positions by veering in one or more directions. They move forward, backward, and to the side as they line up one behind the other or face each other. Then, after forming a cluster, the group scatters once more.

The steps are getting greater, and you can now also make out hip and shoulder movements, as well as a jerk of the head. The performers eventually establish a welded community after being initially pushed back and forth like pieces on a chessboard. Now that the energy has started to manifest, the dance has a strong magnetic pull.

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One way of seeing is by mellowing. Anyone who participates in the choreography will learn a plethora of information. Additionally, distinct nuances and subtleties can be detected in each artist. It is enjoyable to observe these talented and passionate dancers. In “Mellowing,” they are able to maintain the tension, up the intensity, and discover freedom within the boundaries of the rigorous form.

“Mellowing” is a sophisticated and exciting dance evening despite its seeming simplicity. The Dance On Ensemble has additionally demonstrated its value to the dance community.

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